PitchMAS: Time to Pitch Your Manuscript?

HessCollectionHommage-CindyFazziPic Get ready for this year’s #PitchMAS! If you have an unpublished manuscript, this online pitch fest might be what you’re looking for. It will give you a chance to present your work directly to participating agents and editors.

The event is hosted by Jessa Russo and Tamara Mataya. This year it runs from Dec. 11-18, 2015. So, get your manuscripts and pitches ready now.

The activities are as follows:

Pitch-honing Workshop, Dec. 11: You can post your pitch and your peers will critique your pitch.

Submission, Dec. 13-14: You may submit a 35-word pitch via email.

Blog Pitch Party, Dec. 17: The top 50 pitches will go live on PitchMas Blog at midnight. Agents and editors will comment and make manuscript requests.

Twitter Pitch Party, Dec. 18: Anyone can pitch on Twitter, even if you didn’t make the top 50 pitches. Editors and agents will follow #PitchMAS and read your pitches. You’re allowed to send two pitches per hour.

Read more about PitchMAS here.

About the photo: “Hommage” by Leopoldo Maler, Hess Collection Winery’s Art Gallery, Napa Valley (photo by Cindy Fazzi). The “burning typewriter,” an Underwood, is the same type used by the artist’s uncle, an Argentinean writer who was assassinated for his political essays.