Just like Your Body, Your Mind Needs a Daily Workout


You just got home and your Fitbit band shows you’ve hit 10,000 steps for the day, thanks to a lunchtime walk. You also skipped the elevators and climbed the stairs in your office building.  Great! Now it’s time to work out your mind, too. The good news—exercising your brain is as easy as picking up a book or turning on your e-reader.

Reading Rocks

The “Improvement Pill” video below clarifies some misconceptions about reading and why it’s the most important habit you can make.

#1 Studying and reading are not the same. Many people think reading is only for retaining information, including memorizing facts. That’s studying. You should also read for pleasure.

#2 Work out your body and mind. Many people are obsessed about physical fitness, but neglect to read. There is such a thing as working out your mind. “When you read, you are rewiring the neurons, the fibers of your brain, into a stronger version of itself,” according to the video.

#3 Make reading a regular habit. It’s not enough to read once in a while. In fact, it’s important to make reading a regular habit—daily if possible. Just like exercising, you won’t see results unless you read on a regular basis. A good reading habit can open your mind to ideas and help you develop mental fortitude, according to the video.


What are you waiting for? Be sure to read a book today!

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