4 Small Presses Welcome Theme-Based Submissions from Unagented Writers


If you have a manuscript with a strong theme, check out these niche publishers that welcome works by unagented writers. They are seeking political, international, and nautical books, as well as manuscripts focusing on the American Jewish experience.

Fireship Press

This Arizona-based company publishes historical fiction and nonfiction books with a nautical theme, including adventure books. Its Cortero imprint accepts manuscripts that fall under these categories: suspense, action/adventure, murder mysteries, and paranormal.

Submit a query first. Read the submission guidelines of Fireship Press.

Freedom Forge Press

Freedom Forge Press is seeking novels and novellas (25,000-100,000 words) with compelling freedom themes only. The publisher is open to nonfiction books and all genres except erotica.

Send a synopsis and sample chapters via email. Learn more about Freedom Forge’s submission guidelines.


The Massachusetts-based company publishes translated fiction from around the world. Its Interlink World Fiction Series seeks international themes that will introduce other countries to a North American audience written by authors born outside the United States.

Send query email only. Learn more about Interlink’s submission guidelines.

Seven Stories

Seven Stories is well-known for its political themes, both fiction and nonfiction. “Our credo is that publishers have a special responsibility to defend free speech and human rights, and to celebrate the gifts of human imagination wherever we can,” according to the publisher. Seven Stories’ best sellers include Noam Chamsky’s “9-11.” It has published the works of such authors as Kurt Vonnegut, Barry Gifford, Angela Davis, and Howard Zinn.

Send a query and two sample chapters via snail mail. Learn more about Seven Stories’  submission guidelines.

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