Forget about Snowflake—it’s time for “Up Lit” and Other New Words


Snowflake is last year’s cliché, while Brexit is so 2016.  It’s time for a fresh batch of new words, or at least newly repurposed words.

Here are some choice words for this year, according to online dictionaries.

Bleisure: An activity that combines business and pleasure, such as a bleisure trip.

Blockchain: The technological foundation—a digital ledger, if you will—for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

Booktuber: A person who posts book reviews on YouTube.

Honeyteer: When a couple spends their honeymoon volunteering, usually overseas, it’s called honeyteer. It must be true love!

Up Lit: Refers to books that trigger optimism. An up lit book is more than just a feel-good book; it makes you feel hopeful and optimistic.

Warsie: Warsie refers to an avid “Star Wars” fan, just as Trekkie means a “Star Trek” fan. This is not a new word, but it has re-surfaced, thanks to the recent release of “Star Wars: The Last Jedi.”

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