3 Small Presses Open to Unagented Submissions for a Limited Time


As they say, spring is the time of new beginnings. It’s also the best time to submit your unpublished manuscripts. Three small publishers are open to unagented submissions for the next couple of months.

Ashland Creek Press: Various Genres

The team behind Ashland Creek Press describes the company as a “vegan-owned boutique publisher dedicated to publishing books with a world view.”

The publisher wants book-length manuscripts focusing on the environment, animal protection, and wildlife. “Above all, we’re looking for exceptional, well-written, engaging stories,” according to the Oregon-based publisher. It will accept unagented submissions through Submittable until June 1, 2018. Literary agents may submit via email.

Read the publisher’s submission guidelines.

New River Press: Literary, Memoirs, Collections

The New River Press was founded in 1968 to “provide a voice for new authors.” The Minnesota-based publisher is open to general submissions every April. Manuscripts must be sent via Submittable. The company publishes literary novels, short story and poetry collections, and memoirs.

Read the publisher’s submission guidelines.

Soft Skull Press: Literary Novellas

Soft Skull Press, based in New York City, is seeking literary novels under 50,000 words. The open reading period for fiction manuscripts lasts until April 30, 2018. You must send your finished work via Submittable. An open submission period for nonfiction is scheduled for October 2018.

Read the publisher’s submission guidelines.

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