Vallejo Times-Herald: Historical Novel Highlights Douglas MacArthur’s Open Secret


An article in the Times-Herald (Vallejo, Calif.) puts the spotlight on Gen. Douglas MacArthur’s little-known love affair in the 1930s with Isabel Rosario Cooper, a young Filipino actress. “Though Cooper’s existence is not a secret, it’s hardly front row center anywhere until ‘My MacArthur,’” according to the story, referring to the historical novel by Filipino-American author Cindy Fazzi.

In the article published on Oct. 23, Richard Freedman, community editor, interviewed Fazzi about the story behind “My MacArthur.” The novel, published by Sand Hill Review Press, will be released on Nov. 1.

“All these history books, it’s a little footnote or little mention about his relationship with Isabel Cooper,” said Fazzi. “When I was in college, I was always curious—who was this woman? I began to think of her as the girl in the footnote.”

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