Want to Get Published? Try These Top 3 New Year’s Resolutions for Writers


What’s your burning New Year’s resolution as a writer? Mine is to finish my current work in progress. Mind you, I first wrote this manuscript in 1995! I’m completely rewriting the novel for the third time. My New Year’s resolutions tend to be the same every year because writing is a never-ending learning process. Maybe you can adopt these resolutions or something similar.

3 Writing Resolutions for 2019

#1 Just write. To be a writer, you need to sit down and write. Yet many writers tend to talk about writing instead of write. I don’t mean bouncing ideas off someone, which is helpful when you’re actually writing. This year, talk about your plans to write less and just do it.

#2 Improve your skills. Attend at least one writing course or event to help improve your skills and pick up new ones. I’ve already fulfilled this resolution by attending a webinar on the third day of 2019. If you have the budget, invest on an in-person event such as the San Francisco Writers Conference. I’m happy to say that attending this conference last year led directly to the publication of my historical novel, My MacArthur. Needless to say, it was a dream come true!

#3 Submit your best work. This is directly related to #1. Write regularly and revise until your work shines in order to submit. It’s just common sense, right? Apparently not. On the one hand, there are writers who submit hastily written work that are not ready for publication. On the other hand, there are writers who revise forever or keep on starting a new manuscript but never submit for fear of rejection. Avoid such extreme behaviors.

Whether your goal is to find a literary agent or enter a writing contest or find a small traditional publisher, resolve to write your best work this year and submit. Good luck!

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