Historical Novel Highlights Douglas MacArthur’s Open Secret

By Richard Freedman, Community Editor

An article in the Times-Herald (Vallejo, Calif.) puts the spotlight on Gen. Douglas MacArthur’s little-known love affair in the 1930s with Isabel Rosario Cooper, a young Filipino actress. “Though Cooper’s existence is not a secret, it’s hardly front row center anywhere until ‘My MacArthur,” according to the story, referring to the historical novel by Filipino-American author Cindy Fazzi. Read more.


3 Career Reinvention Tips From A Reporter Turned Romance Writer 

By Cindy Fazzi


It took 20 years to build the Great Pyramid. It took me almost as long to break into the cutthroat book publishing industry. It might have taken even longer if not for the improbable combination of Tom Hardy, Italy, and the moxie to reinvent my writing career. Read more.

How to Choose Your Novel’s Title: Let Me Count 5 Ways

By Cindy Fazzi

Would you buy a book called Trimalchio in West Egg? Scribner didn’t—the publisher asked F. Scott Fitzgerald to change the title of his novel, which we all know as The Great Gatsby. Readers judge a book not only by its cover but its title. I thought I knew that already from the famous Fitzgerald anecdote, until my publisher asked me to change my book title. Read more.