For Readers & Authors: iAuthor Introduces New Book-Discovery Platform

If you’re a reader or author feeling lost in a sea of Internet noise about books, check out iAuthor, a new platform for discovering books. The U.K.-based startup provides a free platform for authors and publishers to share excerpts of their books and for readers to sample them.

The company touts a new book-discovery platform that’s entirely generated by users. “iAuthor aims to give the publishing world something unique: a hub for serendipitous discovery,” according to the company’s Web site. Its tag line is “Book Discovery Reinvented.”

For Readers

If you’re a reader, you can sign up for free and browse books not only by titles or author’s names but by themes. You can sample excerpts and if you want to buy, you’re only a click away. You can also give feedback through ratings. The Web site is user-friendly and mobile-optimized.

For Authors

Authors and publishers can engage directly with readers. iAuthor provides a dashboard where they can track audience engagement with their excerpts online and see how many people have read and shared it.

For new authors like me, iAuthor is helpful and easy to use. My debut romance, “In His Corner,” published by Lyrical Press under my pen name Vina Arno, is now featured on the Web site. I was able to add it to existing themes. I also created two new themes for my book.

Joining iAuthor is free. Check it out here.